YugAgro Business programme


The YugAgro Business Programme is the perfect platform for establishing dialogues between agricultural producers, agribusinesses and government departments. 

It brings together market leaders, so they can network, and discuss the future of Russia’s agro-industrial development.

Each annual agenda covers all key industry-related issues, such as legislative changes, new innovations, export statistics, production growth and more.

YugAgro’s Business Programme receives support and attention from large-scale businesses and the Russian government. In 2018, for example, YugAgro’s Plenary Session hosted:

• Sergey Lisovsky – First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on the Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management
• Andrei Korobka – Deputy Governor, Krasnodar Krai
• Pavel Kosov – General Director, Rosagrolizing
• Sergey Kremenetsky – Deputy General Director, Yug Rusi Group

Leading industry unions are also represented at YugAgro including AKKOR, Greenhouses of Russia, Southern Rice Union, International Walnut Association. 

Exhibiting companies also hold their own events, seminars and talks as part of the wider YugAgro Business Programme.

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Results 2018

We are currently working on the YugAgro 2019 Business Programme. Please stay tuned for more updates.