YugAgro 2018: 5 must-see international agricultural machinery exhibitors

In November this year, the world’s top agricultural equipment producers will be converging at Expograd Yug, Krasnodar, to display their wares.

YugAgro always attracts key crop farming equipment manufacturers from across the globe.
From the largest combine harvesters to the smallest ball-bearings, all sorts of agricultural machinery will be on display. See who will be there by checking the YugAgro 2018 exhibitor list.
To get you excited for 2018’s trade show, take a look at five of the machinery and spare parts companies you need to visit this year below.

5 of YugAgro 2018’s leading agricultural machinery suppliers

Stoll – Pavilion 3 – Stand C313 – Germany
German engineering is rightly renowned worldwide for its quality and durability. Stoll, with its familiar red and white logo, fully represents this. With a philosophy based on practicality and adaptability, Stoll equipment rarely lets operators down.
Stoll’s expertise lies in front loaders. In fact, it’s Germany’s largest front loader manufacturer, providing a comprehensive collection of implements catering to all crop farmers’ needs. With its configurator tool, Stoll makes it easy for individuals to tailor machines to their exact requirements.
Stoll products are compatible with tractors up to 300bhp from all major manufacturers, including Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Ford and New Holland.
NTN SNR – Pavilion 3 – Stand C216 – France
When it comes to machinery of any sort, overlooking even the tiniest components can cause headaches. Ball bearings can be especially finnicky. Smooth operation of towed agricultural machinery relies on these tiny spheres – which is why NTN SNR’s engineered solutions are so robust.
The French company combines European and Japanese design and production methods to create its farming-focussed bearings. Specifically, NTN produces bearings for self-propelled and trailed machinery, tractors, combines, seeders, silage-production equipment, seeders – and pretty much any agricultural machine you can think of!
The brand’s reach covers all major farming markets, including Europe, North America, and of course, Russia.
Pentair/Hypro EU – Pavilion 3 – Stand C417 – United States
A blocked or low-pressure pump is barely a pump at all; more a useless collection of metal and rubber holding back precious sprays. 
With a product from Pentair/Hypro EU, however, you’re getting quality pumping equipment designed to tackle even the toughest of fluid challenges.
Possessing over 60 years’ experience in the world of pumping equipment, Hypro has the expertise and knowledge needed to craft high-functioning products. It is already firmly established in Russia, where its Shurflo pumps are used from Moscow to Krasnodar and beyond.
Minsk Motor Plant – Pavilion 3 – Stand C515 – Belarus
Belarus shares a land border with Russia. As such, domestically-made its farming equipment is already familiar to Russian farmers and agroholdings. In particular, the Minsk Motor Plant is an established name amongst equipment buyers throughout Russia and the CIS.
Minsk Motor Plant is a specialist engine manufacturer with strong expertise in crafting efficient, reliable diesel engines for tractors, combines and trucks. Adapted to suit the average acreage of the typical Russian farm, and the nation’s rugged terrain, its engines are capable of tackling anything Russia can throw at them.
For the eco-conscious, Minsk Motor Plant’s 2, 3, 4 and 6-cylinder engines are registered to Euro-5 emission standards. They’re low-polluting and fuel-efficient and are also rated for Stage 1-Stage 5 off-road capability too.
Jagoda JPS – Pavilion 2 – Stand B555 – Poland
Russia is currently enjoying a boom in fruit & vegetable production, thanks to import substitution policies and improved growing conditions in areas like Krasnodar. In order to keep this momentum going, it’s prudent to invest in specialist orchard and fruit production machinery. Farmers involved in this sector can do so with Jagoda JPS’ equipment.
The Polish brand has been creating plantation and orchard equipment for over 20 years. Its current product range includes solutions for fruit harvesting and orchard care; picture products like berry and stone fruit harvesters, as well as mower-shredders, weeders, planters and boom sprayers.
Jagoda itself is located in Skierniewice aka Poland’s capital of fruit science and research. Thanks to the expertise it can draw on there, its offerings are state-of-the art. Thanks to its reputation for quality, Jagoda equipment can be found in over 20 agricultural markets, including Europe, South Korea and New Zealand.

Discover these brands and more at YugAgro: Russia’s no.1 international agricultural equipment and crop farming machinery exhibition

These companies, and over 675 more exhibitors, will be at YugAgro 2018. As Russia’s only event dedicated to farming machinery and agricultural technology, it’s the place to find the latest solutions from industry leading manufacturers.
Visit to get hands-on experience with tractors, combines, ploughs, and more pieces of key agricultural equipment, to discover your latest additions to your machinery fleet.
Across four exhibition sectors, you’re sure to find the products you need.