YugAgro 2018: 5 must-see produce storage & processing equipment exhibitors

A comprehensive collection of agricultural equipment and processing equipment exhibitors will be showcasing their solutions at YugAgro 2018. We’ve profiled 5 of them to give you a taste of the brands that will be there.

YugAgro presents the entire agricultural world under one roof. Set in Krasnodar, Russia’s chief agricultural province, it’s the place to find the products you need from top-class manufacturers.
See the full 2018 exhibitor list to see who you can meet at the event this year.
In the storage of agricultural equipment to crop and produce processing, the world’s top producers will be there. Let’s take a look at 5 right now.


5 of YugAgro 2018’s leading agricultural product storage & processing solutions suppliers

Royal Brinkman –  Pavilion 2 – Stand B127 – The Netherlands
Royal Brinkman is a global horticulture and crop farming specialist, with over 30,000 different products designed to make greenhouse growing a breeze. And with Russia in the grip of a greenhouse construction boom, their solutions are in top demand.
With seven major product groups (crop care, crop rotation, mechanical equipment, crop protection and disinfection, packaging and design, technical projects, and servicing equipment), the brand is a one-stop-shop for hothouse cultivation.
In fact, Dutch greenhouse technology is being used as product sites all over Russia, from the Far East to the Russian Arctic, presenting year-round vegetable growing of key commodities.
Royal Brinkman specialises in equipment for vegetables, lettuce and mushrooms. Its range of potting products, plant trays, and bespoke packaging equipment provides quality and brand personality at a pinch. 
AGI – Pavilion 2 – Stand B547 - Canada
AGI was established in 1996, and has since then, in its own words, has “built the world’s food infrastructure”. That means silos, grain storage bins and tanks, and pneumatic conveying systems. 
The company also offers a variety of portable and permanent handling solutions. Take a look through their product portfolio and you’ll find high-tonnage conveyors, bulk weigh hoppers, bucket elevators, and a far-reaching range of storage and processing equipment.
As a Canadian brand, its products are made from high-quality North American components, so the steel is of  exceptional formidable storage. That means solid product longevity and ease of maintenance. 
AGI has previous experience in Russia and the CIS, including Twister storage installations in Voronezh and Lipetsk, as well as completing projects in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
Bental Rowlands Storage Systems – Pavilion 2 – Stand B447 – UK
For over 50 years, Bental Rowlands has been at the forefront of agricultural storage solutions and silo construction. The British brand has a global presence, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and beyond.
Grain silos are Bental Rowland’s mainstay. From hopper bottom to smooth wall silos, there is an extensive collection of products to draw from. The maximum weight in their basic models hits 13,3725 tons, so volume is no issue here.
Versatility is at the heart of the company’s product offering. While its standard solos range from 3m to 27m in diameter, Bental Rowlands has a team of engineers and designers on hand to provide truly turnkey solutions.
All Vegetable Solutions – Pavilion 2 – Stand B731 – France
As the name suggests, France’s All Vegetable Solutions (AVS) only does equipment for vegetable growing. That includes all aspects, including planting and harvesting, as well as storage and box handling equipment.
It even makes packing crates interesting. With mechanical box fillers and tippers, combine with a number of different variety of wooden boxes, the process can be automated, helping get produce from farms to consumers in record time.
To complement its range of physical solutions, AVS also provides software for inventory management. For instance, it designed a potato box app for farmers in Africa to streamline their inventory – so if this sounds enticing, make sure you visit them at this year’s installment of YugAgro.
Buschhoff – Pavilion 2 – Stand B331 – Germany
Crops and vegetables have been conveyed and processed by Buschhoff equipment for over 140 years. What started as a simple threshing machinery operation has blossomed into an operation crafting state-of-the-art grain conveyance and storage solutions.
Between the silo and the conveyer and the final transport vessel, Buschhoff has you covered. That also included crucial operations like grain cleaning and conservation, to increase the quality and quantity of complete yields.
One exciting part of Buschhoff’s range is mobile mixing plants for milling on the move. Of course, if you’d prefer to remain stationary, the German company also offers individual static milling and mixing equipment too.

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