YugAgro 2019 Results: 8% growth in the number of visitors

Over the course of four exhibition days 18,760 visitors from 72 Russian regions attended the exhibition, 8% more compared to the previous year.

The opening ceremony was visited by Governor of Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev, CEO of Rosagroleasing Pavel Kosov, and other honoured guests.

As he opened the exhibition, Governor of Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev noted that over the years that the exhibition had existed, it had grown into a major platform for socialising, business meetings and trading in advanced machinery and equipment. “Today, we have brought together representatives of more than 35 countries, which are top manufacturers and producers from the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, China. We have different approaches to the agricultural business, but a common goal, which is to grow and produce high-quality products, raise the quality of life in rural areas, develop the agricultural industry and our national economies,” said Veniamin Kondratiev.

This year the scale of the exposition has grown significantly featuring more than 710 corporate participants from 35 countries, its total area exceeding 65,000 m2. Companies from Italy, Germany and Turkey were featured as part of the national pavilions, while Chinese enterprises were joined in a collective exposition.

Over the course of four exhibition days 18,760 visitors from 72 Russian regions attended the exhibition, 8% more compared to the previous year.

ЮГАГРО 2019  ЮГАГРО 2019

EuroChem ratified an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar Territory for uninterrupted supplies of mineral fertilisers to local agrarians in 2020 and introduction of state-of-the-art technologies in local agricultural practices.

Leaders of the industry brought an extensive range of brand-new agricultural equipment and products to the exhibition, with many of them first presented ar YUGAGRO.

An extensive range of machinery and equipment for multiple applications was exhibited by Rostselmash. The attention of the visitors was particularly focused on the brand-new RSM 3000 series tractors for energy intensive operations, most efficient in fuel consumption. The 3000 series tractors are a cost-effective option for farms with a tillage area from 2500 ha and greater.

For YUGAGRO, KUHN prepared a premiere presentation of its brand-new model of the #SB1290 high-performance baler equipped with a double knotter for most reliable binding. The integral rotor technology ensures smooth flow regardless of the crop type and condition.

Kverneland Group CIS displayed its products at the exhibition for a second year in a row. “Last year’s exhibition boosted the sales of Kverneland forage machinery in the region. We had successful negotiations with one of the top suppliers of net wraps to fit our balers. Besides, during the several days of the exhibition we sold all items of equipment displayed at the exposition, which has been twice as vast this time as last year. The machinery sold included an absolutely innovative solution, the Kverneland iXtrackT4 trailed sprayer, which is the largest in the series model range currently available in Russia,” commented Odyssey Kiziridis, Sales Director at Kverneland Group CIS.

ROSAGROTRADE traditionally presented both of its existing product portfolio and new products. According to the manufacturer, YUGAGRO helps to expand the customer base. “At the very beginning 15 years ago, we only had 50 partners, now we have more than a thousand. Our important advantage is our in-house production. Since our production is located in the Russian Federation, we can afford discounts for our loyal customers. And in terms of quality our products are not inferior to any foreign alternatives,” said Executive Director Vladimir Panasenko.

Corteva Agriscience displayed at its booth three business lines: Pioneer seeds and inocula, Corteva crop protection agents and Brevant seeds.

On November 20, the company ran a conference for farmers, where it announced the launch of the local production of Pioneer corn and sunflower seeds and the quality standards it applies. The exhibition also featured the LumiGEN next-generation seed treatment, which has been advertised all over the world.

Bayer is a long-standing exhibitor, which a strong market player in Krasnodar Territory. During the days of the exhibition, Bayer’s booth was visited by more than 800 people. “Bayer’s products are well-known in Krasnodar Territory. Therefore, for us being able to maintain one-time communication with multiple customers and partners and be heard at the YUGAGRO is an effective tool for promoting and liaison,” said Viktor Borisenko, Head of Customer Marketing at Bayer.

Schelkovo Agrohim unveiled an extended line of soybean protection herbicides, a unique herbicide with a super long-lasting effect for corn areas, the long-awaited acaricide to protect gardens, to mention but a few. Most products were presented to specialists in innovative formulations.

Agricultural machinery by CLAAS was exhibited at the booth of the manufacturer’s authorised dealer Mirovaya Tekhnika. “All customers, both from Russia and other countries, gather at YUGAGRO. I would like to highlight our range of tractors equipped with an upgraded GPS-based steering system. From now on, all a customer needs is to pick an accuracy value, 15 cm or 5 cm. We can see that our customers are not only interested in hardware, but electronics is of importance as well, such as machine-to-machine interface, and yield mapping. The DataConnect system holds a special place, as it is pioneering technology which ensures direct data exchange between cloud storages regardless of equipment manufacturer,” commented Michael Ritter, CEO of CLAAS Plant.

ЮГАГРО 2019   

The YUGAGRO business programme has traditionally been a platform for effective dialogue among agricultural producers, businesses and government, uniting key players to discuss the most pressing and relevant issues of the agro-industrial complex. This year, the main topic of the plenary session was “Agribusiness Protection: Problems and Solutions”. The list of participants in the plenary session included Andrey Korobka, Deputy Governor of Krasnodar Territory; Arkady Zlochevsky, President of the Russian Grain Union; Konstantin Babkin, President of the Rosspetsmash Association, President of the New Commonwealth Industrial Union; Silas Karakotov, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Chemistry, CEO of Schelkovo Agrohim; and Pavel Kosov, CEO of Rosagroleasing.

As part of the exhibition, Rosagroleasing organised an event dedicated to the company’s leasing products in 2019.

Additionally, the agenda of YUGAGRO 2019 included a conference on “Organic Agriculture and Biologisation of Farming: Status and Prospects”, a conference of the International Nut Growers Association, a roundtable discussion of the Horticulturists of Kuban, and other business events, an aggregate of over 30 conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions. In total, 1558 delegates took part in the business programme events.

The exhibition is supported by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Krasnodar Territory Administration, the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar Territory, and the Krasnodar Municipality Administration.

Exhibition’s General Partner — Rostselmash

Exhibition’s Strategic Sponsor — CLAAS

Exhibition’s General Sponsor — ROSAGROTRADE.

In 2020, the Expograd Yug Exhibition and Congress Complex in Krasnodar will host the 27th YUGAGRO International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for Production and Processing of Crop Products from 24 to 27 November.

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