Exhibitor manual

At this page you can find Exhibitor`s manual (Technical part)


All documents are submitted in the .pdf format, it is possible to open them by means of the Adobe Reader program (the program can be downloaded free of charge on the website of the developer at the link

Exhibitor manual contains two parts:

1. Information part

It contains technical information about exhibition, performance`s rules of installation works , dates of mounting\dismounting and another information, which can be necessary by preparation for an exhibition. 


2. Forms of the order of technical services

Technical services can be ordered, having filled forms of the order of technical services and having sent them in the scanned form, to the address specified in the top part of each form. We ask to fill forms in electronic form, the instruction on their filling can be downloaded below.


If there is no opportunity to fill forms on the computer, their filling by hand is allowed, at the same time it is also necessary to be guided by an instruction – we will be able to take only correctly filled forms in work.



According to the contract of participation in the exhibition, the Participant orders the exhibition area. In addition the Participant can order a standard set of the equipment (we build for the Participant the stand consisting of walls on perimeter, a carpet, 1 table, 2 chairs and the fascia panel with an inscription on the open party of the stand, a basket for garbage).

If the Participant hasn't ordered a standard set of the equipment, then the Participant independently is engaged in construction and arrangement of the stand, or charges it to the third party — the company builder.

In case of self-building it is necessary to consider requirements of ITE Group to design of stands, electrotechnical, sanitary, fire-prevention requirements, are stated in the section of technical information of this manual of the participant of the exhibition.



To check what type of the area is ordered, it is possible, having addressed the copy contracts of participation.

On the arising questions address to Service of the Technical ITE Group Service, contact persons are specified in forms of the order of technical services.