Exhibitor manual

On this page you can find the YugAgro Exhibitor Manual.

The Exhibitor Manual is split into two parts:

1. Technical Information

This section contains technical information about the exhibition, including stand installation, setting up times, and more useful information that will help you prepare for YugAgro. 

2. Technical Services Order Forms

Technical services can be requested provided the correct forms have been completed and scans sent to the requisite address found on each form header. We also ask for forms to be completed electronically. Electronic form filing instructions can be downloaded below.

Exhbitors are awarded the exhibtion space stipulated in their contract. Additionally, exhibitors can order a standard set of equipment, consistening of a booth permieter walls, carpet, 1 table, 2 chairs a fascia panel, and a waste basket.

If exhibitors have not ordered the standard equipment set, and is independently engaged in construction of their own stand, or employs a third party builder, they must consider Hyve Expo's stand design, electrotechnical, sanitary and fire prevention requirements. These are outlined in the Technical Information section of the Exhibitor Manual.

Tap here to download the Exhibitor manual

For further information, please contact the YugAgro event team.