Pegas-Agro LLC plant produces self-propelled sprayers/spreaders of the Tuman line. This is an innovative, highly efficient machinery designed for the application of mineral and liquid fertilizers, as well as herbicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal treatment of plants in a short agrotechnical period. Thanks to the unique design of replaceable modules, the self-propelled machinery of the Tuman line is one solution for a wide range of agrotechnical tasks throughout the season.

Today the product line is represented by three self-propelled bases of various capacities: Tuman-1M, Tuman-2M, Tuman-3 and five replaceable modules - a boom sprayer, a fan sprayer, a fertilizer spreader, a pneumatic sowing module and a multi-injector for point injections of carbomide-ammonium mixture and liquid complex fertilizers.

Address: Stroykeramika, Industrial Area, Samara region., Volga District, 443528
Tel.: +7 (846) 9777737
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