TV Gubernia

TV Gubernia

TV channel Gubernia TV

TV channel Gubernia TV is a Russian round-theclock information-cognitive television channel! The channel «TV Gubernia» broadcasts 24 hours a day in satellite networks «Tricolor TV» and «NTV-PLUS».
The Gubernia television and radio company also includes the regional channel TNT-Guberniya, the radio station
Guberniya and the Internet channel, so that our programs can now be listened and watched online at a convenient time!
On the air of the channel there are news, analytical, discussion and author programs, concerts, art readings, as well as documentary films and special projects. We inform the current news of the day, our correspondents are reporting from the center of events, and the guests in the studio are the most famous personalities. People come to us from culture and sports, politicians and experts.

Address:   Karl Marx street, 67B, Voronezh, 394035
Tel.:         +8 (473) 2724761
E-mail:     [email protected]

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