Rossijskij agrarnyj portal

Rossijskij agrarnyj portal

The Publishing House “Zemlya i Zhizn” has created an active trading platform - the Russian agro-industrial portal. For farmers, this is a high-quality information source for articles and news from the agricultural sector, which is replenished every day.

Potential buyers have the opportunity to search, select and buy goods and services of interest in a convenient catalog.

Work is underway to actively promote the portal with the help of SEO-services in the main search engines YANDEX and GOOGLE in TOP-1 for more than 1000 key queries.

The services of a content manager are provided, which creates landing pages for companies with the ability to go to the main website of the company (if any), fills catalogs with products and services, and controls statistics on visits and transitions to the main site.

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