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The Yug Times

The Yug Times – a communication services group:

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The Yug Times is conceptually a new social and political South Russian weekly magazine published in Russian and English, 24 pages, full colour, 21,000 copies. The newspaper has been published since 2013. Over the past seven years, it has ranked high among the Top-10 mass media of Krasnodar krai (province).

Distribution area: Krasnodar krai, Republic of Adyghea – by subscription and retail sales.

The magazine is available in the airports of Krasnodar, Anapa and Gelendzhik, on board the aircraft of the Ural Airlines, at international and national forums and exhibitions.

The magazine is an official information partner of the Southern Regional Committee of the Association of European Business (AEB); information partner of many Russian and international exhibitions and forums.

We actively cooperate with international brands: Philip Morris, Nestlé, Bonduelle, Cargill, СLAAS, and others, and with representations of Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Turkey.

Our main principles and mission – unbiased informing about all significant and important events in the cultural, economic, political and public life in Russia and worldwide; presentation of different views on various issues. Languages – Russian and English.

Our target audience – business circles and governmental offices. The list of our authors includes popular political scientists, economists and experts in various domains.

The website: (the online version of the magazine) shows a steadily growing traffic – an average number of monthly hits approximates 300,000. Materials from our website regularly enter the Yandex-news top list. The additional audience at social networks amounts to 5,000. In 2019, the share of our mobile-device readers reached 75%.

The website audience: mainly Russia (96.9%). The international readers make up 3.1%, most of whom come from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan; also Ireland (0.38%), the USA (0.3%), Germany (0.23%), Spain (0.12%), China (0.1%), France, Cyprus, Turkey, and others (< 0.1%).

The publication are indexed by Yandex and Google.


  • Address: Odesskaya, 48, «B», off.328, 330, Krasnodar, 350020
  • Tel.: +7 (861) 2040159, 2040259
  • E-mail: [email protected]
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