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Arrange your comfortable stay at a hotel in Krasnodar to ensure the best options available. Please contact the hotel directly with all questions about reservations and accommodation. The event organizer is not responsible for any financial interaction between you and the hotel, or for lost or forgotten items. You can contact hotel directly for all these questions.

YugAgro 2024 official hotel

Hotel "45 Parallel" 3* is a cozy place in the center of Krasnodar city. Here you can not only have a great getaway but also plunge into the life of the evening Krasnodar. The hotel has 84 modern rooms, a restaurant with signature dishes and meeting rooms. The hotel team will provide you first-class service and assist with any issues throughout your stay!

Book a room by phone: +79939932268 or send a request by e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

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