YugAgro 2022 International Agricultural Trade Show will open in Krasnodar

​​​​​​600 companies will take part in the trade show

Krasnodar will host the YugAgro 2022 International Trade Show on 22–25 November. 600 Russian and international exhibitors will showcase innovative agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production and processing. Over 160 companies will participate in YugAgro for the first time. To see all agro-industrial complex innovations, YugAgro annually attracts farming enterprises from more than 70 Russian regions — from Sakhalin and Primorye to Kaliningrad.

The trade show has scheduled to hold over 30 business activities on the most pressing agro-industrial complex issues. Its speakers include top managers of major companies, representatives of public bodies and industrial unions, as well as respected agricultural experts.

‘For almost 30 years already, YugAgro serves as a forum for meetings between manufacturers, suppliers and farmers, a venue to establish an open dialogue, look for and strengthen business ties and to get acquainted with machinery and technology innovations. It is particularly important in this period of market transformation,’ YugAgro management office noted.

Всё сельское хозяйство России на одной площадке
сельское хозяйство России

All Russian agriculture at a single location

According to farmers, YugAgro is the only place where one can find everything for crop production at a single location: from preplanting machinery to final product packaging.

This year, the exposition will cover four sections: agricultural machinery and spare parts, agrochemical products and seeds, equipment for agricultural products storage and processing, irrigation and greenhouse equipment.

Visitors will be largely focused on innovative self-propelled and unmanned machinery, smart farming systems, and low-motorised equipment, such as mini-tractors. In addition, visitors will be able to see a vast range of spare parts for agricultural machinery maintenance. In total, the Agricultural Machinery & Spare Parts section will showcase over 200 manufacturers and suppliers, and its visitors will see a full spectrum of machinery to deal with any production tasks: from preplanting machinery to harvesters and tractor-drawn vehicles.

The Agrochemical Products & Seeds section will exhibit the most advanced plant protection products, fertilizers and the latest seed farming achievements. According to visitors, it is the very place to provide a farmstead with everything needed for a new crop. Over 180 manufacturers and suppliers will showcase their products in this section.

The Equipment for Agricultural Products Storage & Processing section will enable its visitors to find out about new solutions for agricultural products storage that meet the latest requirements. It will exhibit grain storage equipment, fruit and vegetable storage facilities, refrigerators, cereal processing and treatment equipment and a lot more. Over 100 manufacturers and suppliers will showcase their innovations in this section.

The Irrigation & Greenhouse Equipment section will exhibit integrated irrigation and protected ground solutions. Over 80 manufacturers and suppliers will showcase their products in this section.

Программа ЮГАГРО 2022
ЮГАГРО 2022, Краснодар

30 business activities

The four-day YugAgro 2022 trade show will host conferences, workshops, roundtables, presentations, and meetings to traditionally discuss all the key industry-related issues: import substitution, legislative changes, government support measures, innovations, production growth and profitability increase. Top managers of major companies, representatives of public bodies and industrial unions, as well as respected agricultural experts will speak on the agenda.

One of the key activities on the YugAgro agenda is the plenary session that will take place on 22 November and launch the business section of the trade show. Each year, the plenary session attracts farming enterprises, as it is a platform for an open dialogue between agricultural producers, agro-businesses and public bodies on high-profile issues of the Russian agro-industrial complex. This year, the plenary session will discuss the issues of what agriculture is in the new economic reality and what growth opportunities for the Russian agro-industrial complex are available today.

The plenary session will host the following speakers: Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Krai Andrey Korobka, Schelkovo Agrokhim’s CEO Salis Karakotov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KOBLIK GROUP Egor Koblik, Director at Federal State Budgetary Research Institution Federal Research Centre All-Russian Research Institute of Oilseeds Vyacheslav Lukomets, Deputy Director for Sales of the Saint Petersburg Tractor Plant Boris Filin, and First Deputy General Director – Director of the sales, marketing and service center, the Rostselmash Company, Alexei Shveitsov.

The plenary session will be moderated by Director at Krestyanskie Vedomosti Media Group Igor Abakumov.

Спикеры ЮГАГРО 2022
Заместитель губернатора Краснодарского края, ЮГАГРО 2022

Rostselmash is the general partner of the trade show.

ROSAGROTRADE is the general sponsor of the trade show.

Mirovaya Technika is the strategic sponsor of the trade show.

XXIX YugAgro International exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production will be held on 22–25 November 2022 at Exhibition Venue Expograd Yug, 1 Kongressnaya Street, Krasnodar.