The Anniversary YugAgro 2023 Exhibition Is Setting Records

For the first time YugAgro was visited by more than 20 thousand agribusiness specialists from 79 regions of Russia

From November 21 to 24, the 30th Anniversary YugAgro International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for Crop Production was successfully held in Krasnodar.

yugagro 2023

Over 4 days, YugAgro 2023 was visited by 20,335 agribusiness specialists from 79 regions of Russia and 42 countries. This is by 12% more than a year earlier. YugAgro’s visitors represented enterprises of the Russian agribusiness: agricultural holdings, farm households, processing industries, cereal companies, and suppliers of agricultural machinery, spare parts, agricultural chemistry and seeds. In addition, among the exhibition visitors there were representatives of logistics companies, financial and IT sectors. According to the exhibition’s internal survey, 94% of YugAgro visitors are persons influencing the purchasing decisions.

The anniversary YugAgro 2023 exhibition was visited by farmers from 79 regions of Russia - from Kaliningrad and Crimea to Primorye and Kamchatka. Among them are agricultural specialists from the leading crop-growing regions of Russia: Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region, Stavropol Territory, Tatarstan, Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod Regions. Agricultural producers from the Amur Region, Transbaikalia, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and other regions showed interest in the exhibition. Among foreign visitors there were agribusiness representatives from 42 countries, including Kazakhstan, China, India, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

According to visitors, YugAgro helps to prepare for the upcoming production season, find partners for the purchase of necessary machinery, equipment and materials and negotiate favorable terms. YugAgro exhibitors are companies of various sizes, and there is an opportunity to negotiate with top officials of manufacturers and suppliers directly at the stands. In addition, the visitors believe that only at YugAgro they can get acquainted with all the new agribusiness products: from equipment for soil preparation to the final packaging of products.

yugagro 2023 exhibition Krasnodar
yugagro 2023 exhibition

The official opening ceremony of the 30th Anniversary YugAgro International Exhibition was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Roman Aleksandrovich Golovchenko, the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Ivanovich Kondratyev, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Sergeyevich Osmakov, General Director of ITE Expo International LLC Dmitry Georgyevich Zavgorodny.

“For the Krasnodar Territory, the agro-industrial complex is the basis of the economy. We produce 12% of all agricultural products in Russia. And we need modern developments and technologies to maintain leadership. At this site we see both,” said Veniamin Ivanovich Kondratyev.

YugAgro 2023 Exposition

Over 600 companies from 14 countries took part in YugAgro 2023. More than 120 exhibitors have for the first time presented their newest and best products. This year YugAgro consisted of 4 sectors: Agricultural Machinery & Spare Parts, Agrochemical Products and Seeds, Equipment for Agricultural Products Storage and Processing, and Irrigation & Greenhouse Equipment.

The anniversary YugAgro 2023 exhibition was record-breaking in terms of display area. This year it exceeded 65,000 sq.m. 4 pavilions and 3 outdoor zones awaited Russian farmers.

Among foreign participants showcasing their products were the manufacturers and suppliers from such countries as Belarus, the Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Poland, India, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia. Turkish and Chinese companies were represented at national stands.

The traditionally large-scale display of agricultural machinery and spare parts, featuring over 240 companies, attracted special attention from agricultural producers.


The gas-engine tractor Rostselmash 2375 became a high-profile premiere. This is the first experiment in Russia of converting high-power agricultural tractors to run on liquefied natural gas.

In addition, agricultural specialists had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a wide range of spare parts and various smart digital systems that allow optimizing work in the field and improving productivity. Small mechanized equipment, agricultural drones and spare parts were prepared for Russian farmers by participants from Turkey and China.

The Mirovaya Tekhnika Company is ready to offer high-quality service support for the existing fleet to farmers. At the exhibition, the company's management expressed its intention to maintain the availability of effective farming technologies, efficient modern equipment and the provision of high-quality service for agricultural machines.

According to YugAgro participants and visitors, the Agrochemical Products & Seeds exposition is the largest in Russia. Over 180 companies presented their new and best products to farmers. The latest selection achievements in the field of corn, sunflower, sugar beets, soybeans and peas were presented by the leading seed producer in Russia – ROSAGROTRADE.

In addition to selection novelties of the most popular crops, a huge range of fertilizers, including micro fertilizers and certified potash, nitrogen, phosphorus, organic and liquid fertilizers was presented along with plant protection agents.

More than 100 manufacturers and suppliers were represented in the Equipment for Agricultural Products Storage and Processing sector, and over 60 companies became exhibitors in the Irrigation & Greenhouse Equipment sector.

yugagro 2023 Krasnodar
yugagro 2023 exhibition

The exhibitors noted the representative composition of visitors and appreciated the vast opportunities for negotiating with new and regular customers over the entire 4 days of the event. Most companies have already confirmed their intention to take part in YugAgro 2024.

Business Program of YugAgro 2023

41 events were held as part of YugAgro 2023 4-day program.

In a traditional way, the key event on the business agenda of the anniversary YugAgro 2023 exhibition was the plenary session. This year topic was "Russia being strong: How does the village ensure the country's food security today and in the future?". The main feature of the plenary session has always been an open dialogue between agricultural producers, businesses and public bodies on high-profile issues of the Russian agro-industrial complex.

Agricultural industry experts discussed the development of the Russian agribusiness, state support measures, import substitution in seed production, new sales markets, digitalization in the agricultural sector and much more. In total, more than 2,000 experts attended the business program events.

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yugagro Krasnodar

Rostselmash is the general partner of the trade show.
ROSAGROTRADE is the general sponsor of the trade show.
The Mirovaya Technika Company is the strategic sponsor of the trade show.

The 31st International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for Crop Production YugAgro will be held on 19-22 November 2024 at the Expograd Yug Exhibition Complex, Krasnodar. Free registration of visitors will start on the exhibition website in spring. It will be organized by ITE Expo International, the leader in exhibitions arrangement in Russia.